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Wichita Sports Forum is the area’s premiere volleyball venue. Not only does The Forum have 10 hardwood courts, but we are also home to 4 sand volleyball courts. The sand courts are made up of the finest sand on earth and installed by the provider of the last 4 Olympics and FIVB Beach Tour. The hardwood courts can be converted into 18 practice courts for skills training, lessons and practices. Fans can cheer from court-side bleachers or either of our two mezzanines, which include flat screen TVs and lounge areas.

The courts are used for everything from practice and conditioning to national level showcases and tournaments. Camps are held throughout the year featuring the area’s best coaches. Private and small group training is available.


Hardwood or sand volleyball court rental rates:

5 or fewer people – $10/person per hour

Teams or groups of 6 or more – $75/court per hour

*The courts can also be rented for sports other than volleyball or for special events. Contact us at events@wichitasportsforum.com for more information.



WSF SUMMER Youth Volleyball Train ‘N’ Play

WSF Train ‘N’ Play allows players to continue mastering their skills, even after the season is over. This training, lead by high-level area coaches, provides volleyball players with 8 weeks of practice and two tournaments. The program is Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-8:00pm, beginning June 5th. Tournaments will be held June 24th and July 22nd. This is open to all ages and skill levels.

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