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  • Party of 10
  • $225
    Party Room Mon-Thurs
  • Fri – Sun $275
  • Slim Chickens Family Pavilion M-TH $175 | Fri-Sun $225
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  • Party of 15
  • $275
    Party Room Mon-Thurs
  • Fri-Sun $325
  • Slim Chickens Family Pavilion M-TH $225 | Fri – Sun $275
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  • Party of 20
  • $350
    Party Room Mon-Thurs
  • Fri- Sun $400
  • Slim Chickens Family Pavilion M-TH $275 | Fri – Sun $325
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  • Party of 30
  • $500
    Party Room Mon-Thurs
  • Fri-Sun $550
  • Slim Chickens Family Pavilion M-TH $425 | Fri – Sun $475
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All Party Packages Include:

  • 2 Hour Flight (jump) Ticket for each party guest
  • Use of Party Room or Reserved Slim Chickens Family Pavilion Table for cake, presents and refueling during your 2-hour stay
  • Table cover, plates, napkins and forks for each jumper
  • Water bottle for each jumper
  • 1 bowl of popcorn for the party
  • Group photo at the Aviate wings
  • Set up and Clean up
  • Party Room Party also includes:
    • Dedicated Flight Host to assist with all setup, check-in, food delivery, cleanup and everything in between.
    • Private Party room in the WSF Party Room Pavilion
    • 2 large 1-topping Pizza Hut Pizzas
      • Pizza orders must be placed at least 48 hours prior to your party date
      • Additional pizzas can be ordered at $12 each
  •  Slim Chickens Family Pavilion Table Party also includes:
    • Flight Host to check in your party and show you to your table.
  • Additional information
    • You may provide your own themed items and if you have them a day or two prior to the party, bring them in and we’ll set them up for you!
    • You may bring in your own cake/cupcakes/cookies and treat bags for your party guests.
    • Slim Chickens Family Pavilion Tables are located on the mezzanines above our concessions & courts and are accessible to the general public. Reserved signs are placed on the tables for your 2-hour stay.
    • Slim Chickens Family Pavilion Parties of 10 – 15 will take place on the Flight Deck above our Concessions Counter.
    • Slim Chickens Family Pavilion Table Parties of 20 – 30 will take place on the Observation Deck above our WSF Courts.
    • More than one party can take place on the Slim Chickens Family Pavilion or Observation Deck at a time.
    • Slim Chickens Family Pavilion Tables include a Flight Host who will check in your guests, show you to your table and deliver your pizza to the table.
    • Items NOT permitted inside the facility:
      • Outside food or drink
      • Helium balloons
      • Ice cream/Ice cream cake
    • All party packages must be booked at least 48 hours prior to your party date
    • All parties require a $100 deposit in order to hold the reservation.
      • This deposit is refundable up to 7 days prior to your party.
      • If you need to reschedule your party, you deposit will transfer to your rescheduled party date.
    • Number in the party is the number of jumpers and does not include parents, relatives or others who are not jumping.
    • Family & Individual passes do not apply for WSF Party Packages | No other discounts apply.
    • Taxes not included

Field Trip School Flights:
Bring your class or educational group and enjoy our health and wellness programs. We have classroom space available to bring your teaching to a fun and exciting environment or just turn your students loose in a controlled and safe environment and utilize all of our amenities. We can tailor our program offerings to fit your educational, health and wellness needs.

Enjoy the park all night long in a controlled and safe environment. Who wouldn’t want to have the entire facility exclusively? Packages starting at $2,500 on up depending on number of guests and amenities requested.

Chaperones are required and provided by your group. (recommended 1 for every 10 participants) Flight Crew Members will be present to provide supervision. Lock-Down will begin one hour after check-in is complete and guests will not be allowed to leave the park. Outside food and drink is not permitted inside the facility. Our Event Coordinator will work with your group on concessions or approved catering possibilities for your specific event.

Monday – Thursday: 10:30pm -6:30am
Friday – Sunday: 12:30am – 6:00am

Looking to raise funds for school events, athletics or your favorite non-profit organization? Are you tired of the boring typical door-to-door, call-a-thon or pestering your friends and family? Give us a call, we want to help, give back and donate a portion of our proceeds to your benefit!

Corporate Party:
Step away from your daily routines and reward those employees and their families. Let us help plan your corporate party or team building programming.

Cancellation Policy
If event is cancelled seven (7) days prior to event a full refund will be given. A deposit becomes non-refundable within seven (7) days of event.