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turf rental rates

Turf Rental Rates

5 or fewer people

$10/person per hour

Teams or groups of 6 or more


Batting Cage Rental Rates

Batting Cage Rental Rates

Individual Walk ins

$10/person per hour

Teams or groups of 5 or fewer

$20/hour per cage

Teams or groups of 6 or more

$50/hour for all cages

Practice with Your Baseball or Softball Team

Are you looking for a great practice space for your team? Make the Sports Forum your indoor practice space! Conveniently located just off of K-96 and ample parking, the parents will love the ease of it. Plus, healthy snacks at the concession stand will help to fuel their practices the right way.

Play Away the Day on Our Artificial Turf

Our 21,600 sf of artificial turf isn’t just for baseball or softball. Rent the turf for you and your friends to play a game of soccer, la crosse, or throw a kickball or wiffle ball tournament. Indoors and climate controlled, you’ll enjoy all the fun of a summer activity, without the elements or time-of-year affecting your game.

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